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// General Info //

What is WoLF Festival?

WoLF Fest is a private gathering for members of WoLF, and our families and friends. Read about us and radical feminism here. Especially read our Statement of Principles and Code of Conduct.

What will happen at WoLF Fest?

• Presentations on feminist theory • Discussions on our movement, past, present, and future • Workshops on basic organizing skills • Self-defense classes • Open mic to share poetry, music, and inspiration • Songs around the fire • Face-painting, art, and story telling • Dancing under the redwoods

Is there a workshop schedule?

The schedule will be printed as a booklet that you’ll receive upon arrival. You can get to know a few of our presenters here.

Why this event?

Members of WoLF need to gather face to face! This event emphasizes feminist theory, movement strategy, and the organizing skills needed to make our revolution happen. We also know that a gynocentric culture of resistance is crucial to our survival, so music, art, and friendship around the night fire are also on the agenda.

Why womyn-only?

Everywhere, women’s spaces are under attack. A man only has to claim he “feels like” a woman if he wants to break the boundaries of sex-segregated spaces such as bathrooms, homeless shelters, women’s colleges, and even women’s prisons. WoLF cannot accept this destruction of our very necessary private and sacred spaces, so we have put our paws to work and created WoLF Fest. Womyn’s spaces provide for: • respite from constant emotional, physical, and sexual subordination by men • the psychological liberation of experiencing woman-identified values and practices • the creation of friendships and political community that is not possible if men are present • a glimpse of true freedom All oppressed people have a right to their own space. Such spaces are crucial to our survival as individuals and our strength as resistance movements. WoLF will never retreat from defending womyn-only space!

Who is organizing this event?

WoLF Fest is organized by a small group of dedicated womyn from WoLF.

Where is WoLF Fest held?

The event is being held on private land near Crescent City, CA. To maintain safety in these times of severe misogynist backlash, we aren’t divulging the location of the festival until two days before the event.  On July 9, registrants will receive an email with the address and directions. If you don’t have email, we’ll call you with the information. Until then, plan to get to Crescent City.

// Registration //

Who is WoLF Fest for?

This event is for womyn only. By “womyn” we mean: biological females who survived girlhood. Beyond that, WoLF Fest is for members of WoLF and supporters of radical feminism. You don’t have to have extensive knowledge about radical feminism to attend, but if we don’t know you we may need to do some follow-up vetting following your registration.

I’m not sure if I’m a radical feminist. Should I come?

• If you are curious about radical feminism, yes. • If some of it makes sense but maybe not all of it, yes. Plenty of room for dialogue! • If you’re afraid you don’t know enough, don’t be afraid—come! We know you know enough. • If you don’t know any other radical feminists, well, that can be hard. But we’ll make sure you have a great time. And you’re sure to leave knowing a whole bunch of us! So come!

Can children attend?

Gyrls of all ages are welcome. WoLF Fest is an opportunity like no other for our gyrls to run about wild, free, and safe. To ensure a weekend of liberty for gyrls, only boys under the age of two are invited. Please make sure to mark your registration form if you are bringing children. Note that some workshop content is not appropriate for young children as there will be frank discussion of male violence, pornography, and prostitution. Please be mindful if you bring kids.

// Tickets //

What does it cost?

Please reference our registration page for all buying options.

And a workshift?

It’s true, there are no House Elves at WoLF Fest. It’s a lot of work and everyone able-bodied has to pitch in. Attendees will sign up for workshifts at the registration table upon arrival.

Can I get a cheaper ticket if I stay elsewhere?

No, because the camping part of this event is only a small fraction of the costs.

Can I come to WoLF Fest for one day?

You can, however, due to the already low entry price, we don’t have individual day passes available.

What is your refund policy?

Tickets are non-refundable. If you are no longer able to attend, let us know so that you may donate your ticket cost to help subsidize our women of color tickets and make them available to more women.


// Accomodations and Accessibility //

Can I fly there?

Yes, there is a small airport in Crescent City (CEC). You’ll need to contact us by email with your itinerary if you’d like us to arrange rides for you from and back to the airport. Flight service to Crescent City is here.

What should I bring?

The usual for camping, including: tent, tarp, sleeping bag and pad, pillow, mug and utensils, camp chair, towel and personal care items, cash for the markytplace, watch, flashlight, warm clothes for chilly nights, rain gear just in case.

And if I don’t want to camp?

Contact us for a recommended hotel near the festival location.

Is there cellphone/internet service?

Service is patchy, so plan ahead.

What if someone at home is trying to reach me?

There is an emergency phone number in your Welcome Packet. That phone will be checked throughout the day and any messages delivered to you. But let your family know that they may not be able to reach you immediately in case of emergencies.

Is there a women of color area?

Having a dedicated space for women of color is extremely important to WoLF Fest. There is a spot on the registration form to indicate if you want to participate in the WoC area. If you check yes, a coordinator may be in touch with you ahead of time to gauge interest in proposed activities.


Can I bring my dog?

Only registered service dogs are allowed and must be attended and on a leash at all times.

// Getting Involved Further //

I love it! How can I help?

Lots of ways! • make a donation • host a fundraising party • come early to help set up WoLF Fest • stay after for break down and clean up • contact us to get more involved with organizing

Can I come early?

WoLF Fest has been extended to five days this year. Wednesday and Thursday will be half-work, half-meeting days. We have a wide variety of tasks that need doing, so there’s something for almost every ability level, from paperwork to chopping veggies to hauling f. Please don’t be put off if you have an illness or disability! If you have questions or concerns, contact our disability coordinator and she can help.

I want to lead a workshop/discussion/presentation/performance.

Great! WoLF Fest is participant-led. Apply here for 2018!

Can I table for my organization?

Yes, but all    

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